A really easy way to explain what we do - and how Louise can transform a house into a home that buyers really want to live in - is to show you.
Click here to scroll through a pdf of two quite different styling projects that show how we do it and the results that can be achieved.
One rather unique feature about the way we style (or stage) a property - whether for sale, lease, or simply for promotional purposes such as being used for advertising or product promotion, is the uncanny way Louise is able to utilise existing furniture, fittings, and accessories - and saving you a bundle in the process!
Of course we can provide everything you need, to make that presentation just prefect - from a few accessories, to a full furniture installation.
We have a very impressive track record of delivering a great result - without even delivering any furniture. (Check out this case study.)
Most interior "designers" charge an hourly rate - which can vary greatly. (As is the case with most unregulated and difficult to quantify industries.) A combination of reputation, skills, and qualifications, determine what a "designer" would reasonably expect to charge. Nest Interiors head, Louise Constable, is qualified in aspects of design that enable her to submit more than simply cosmetic alterations on a project. (Of course, engineering and other considerations are taken into account and a licensed contractor is always engaged at the appropriate point.) In addition, her qualifications in Feng Shui and Colour Psychology provide a depth of knowledge that enable her to create totally unique environments for her clients. Combine this with broad experience and great communication skills, and you can easily see why an hourly rate soon becomes almost irrelevant.
But to make thing just that bit easier, Louise has introduced a fixed price contract for styling so clients can move forward with a firm budget. Check out our Package Deals here.
Generally the property owner pays for styling in preparation for a sales campaign - as is the case for most of the promotional costs of selling. However, as with advertising, there sometimes are arrangements struck where the selling agent might pay for some part.
So what is the "temperature" of a colour - and what does it matter anyway?
A cool or hot colour can have significant influence over moods and emotions, and in combinations, colour temperatures are capable of influencing activities in spaces. For instance areas that require heightened allertness would benefit from a different colour combination to that of a calm area, like a bedroom for instance. Colour in sync with cultural influences or patterns can also infer confused, or knowledgeable, or even clean and organised. You can contact Louise to learn more about the psychology of colour.
The short answer is: generally as long as the sales campaign.
Along with accepting the expert advice of the agent (they have often done lots of these before) we suggest a campaign would usually last for around 4 weeks. We have had a campaign last for just 1 week, and also extensions.
We set up the home, the photographer steps in, promotional material is produced - and the campaign is under way. Open house days are conducted, the sale is made, and we return the property to pre-styled state.
That's a good thing! We work hard to make your property irresistable to potential buyers, (and it has always worked!) so the plan is for your sale to happen asap. However, we are contracted to provide styling for a set period. And that's a good thing too - as, although a good offer might come early, hiccups like the buyer failing to get finance can mean subsequent showings are needed.

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