The Boardwalk Apartments

A refurb of The Boardwalk residential apartment building, foyers and lobbies.

Mayfield Residence

Adding some style and finish - with painting, furniture, and art.

Thornton-1 Styling

A brightly decorated day care / home was a real challenge to convert into something market friendly. The property sold at $10,000.00 over the asking price.

Thornton-2 Styling

A property that had gone to market twice but failed to sell.

Maitland Conservatory

Adding a room, remodelling the kitchen, and painting throughout, have enhanced the charm of this authentic Maitland cottage.

A Hamilton Story

Not just another renovation story - this is an unfolding tale about a new bathroom (or two) for a Hamilton family. This is one option we presented - have a look at the final choice. It is both stunning and practical.