Residential Project

Mayfield refurbishment (non-structural)

The brief was simple: ....HELP!
The owner of this beautiful older Mayfield home had realised the time had come for a brand new look. He had a wish list - but no way to make it real. Shortly after their first meeting, Louise presented her client with a comprehensive scheme for the new look - which included the colour pallette, shedules for furniture and fittings, a time line and budget. Now the wish list was ready to be transformed into something real and beautiful - now there was excitement!

In Brief

  • The client had a wish list which Louise translated into beautiful reality.
  • A comprehensive plan, with time line, was implemented.
  • The owner was amazed at how Louise almost read his mind to create the look he wanted.
  • "All the finishes are great, and the custom made furniture is exceptional".