Commercial Project

The Boardwalk, Honeysuckle

When nest was engaged to revitalise this block of prestigious residential apartments, the rich history of the location was the very first theme I considered for the main foyers. I wanted to invoke the rawness and hardwork of the sailing ship era - but with a touch of today. Rough wharf timber would feature on the walls as you enter, balanced by a silky paint finish in a sophisticated colour to add some lux. I researched the area and with the help of the University of Newcastle, located the perfect image to cement the message I was wanting to convey to the buildings' visitors. The original 1904 postcard was the perfect depiction of the Boardwalk - and being mounted on glass and backed by the rich wall colour, it would pull history and today together.
3D visualisations and a video walk-through was done, presented to the body corporate - and they loved it!

In Brief

  • A historical connection was important
  • Image supplied by Newcastle University
  • Timber wallpaper designed by SPLAT Creative
  • Pillars painted in Porters Bridge Paint