Our Services

Interior Design

Nest interior design is really "your environment" design.
With qualified and highly experienced designer Louise Constable at the helm, nest encompasses all aspects of interior design - from a simple "space plan" or updating a kitchen, through to a full commercial fit out.
Louise works in collaboration with local builders, tradespeople, artisans and high quality suppliers from around the globe, to enhance every environment and bring her client's vision to fruition.

Colour Consult

"Absolutely unexpected - and absolutely perfect!"
"I feel totally comfortable."
"I am so at home here now."
Just some of the comments that demonstrate how Louise can weave her colour spell over a home.
With qualifications in specialised areas such as colour psychology, and having specified paint, tiles, wallpapers and other finishes, for prestige developments in Newcastle, Noosa and beyond, Louise has an innate sense of the play of light and shade. Having exceptional communication with her clients, Louise brings her skills to the fore to co-create that special "haven" for you.
From home renovators to developers and architects, Louise and the nest team continue to draw accolades on project after project.

Fit Out

Whether it's a home renovation, a holiday apartment or hotel refurbishment, nest interiors has the knowledge, the "know-how" and experience, to ensure delivery of a seamless and fluid project. With extensive involvement in commercial and residential developments fit outs - large and small. Louise can quickly develop the overview and planning necessary for success.


Property styling, or staging as it is also known, is the preparation of a property to achieve the optimum price.
Or, it can be simply a revamp for the sheer pleasure of it.
Whatever your motivation, the nest styling team can give your property their magic touch. It could be working with your own furniture - just with a "tweak" here and there. (Louise is a genius at this, and can save you a bundle.) Or nest can supply a complete package with furniture installation, accessories, and styling - so you don't need to do a thing!.

Are you a retailer?

Louise is a highly skilled and experienced visual merchandiser, having been engaged by some of Australia's most prestigious national companies.
A professionally prepared property will invariably fetch a premium price. Likewise, a retail environment created by such a skilled professonal as Louise, will invariably bring a top ROI for the savvy business person.